"Bridging the gap between families an d their loved ones"

What We Do

​Here at FAM-Bridge we specialize in bridging relationships. Particularly those between families and their loved ones who reside in nursing homes.

What We Offer

We offer a human connection -  The nursing home provides the physical needs of the client. We aim to strengthen (and in more cases re-create) the relationship that bridges families together.

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Our Mission
"Bridging the gap between families and their loved ones."

FAM-Bridge is a family oriented company, serving the needs of our customers by providing the comraderie/friendship that is missing in their loved one(s) life. We are here to bridge over that ever expanding divide that is filled with time constraints, hectic work schedules, and missed opportunities We understand that life's obstacles keeps famlies from visiting often, but we can help. Let FAM-Bridge bridge that gap.

FAM-Bridge Wants to Help
What is it like to live in a nursing home? Human interaction is essential to living. This is especially true for those who reside within nursing homes. The video below is an insightful view of what it is like being in such an environment. Pay careful  attention to the speaker's  remarks,  "There's no real engagement of the human spirit." This is what you can eliminate through the services provided by FAM-Bridge.
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A Special thanks to Channel NewsAsia for allowing us to share the link to their video.

Our Story
​Justin Mathews (Left) and Erik DuBois (Right) have been best friends since their youth.  FAM-Bridge developed from a great need that both Justin and Erik experienced in their own lives.  Both men having growing families and fast-moving careers, felt the all too familiar pressures associated with  time constraints and varying degrees of commitment. These pressures impacted  their responsibilities to their loved ones that resided in nursing homes; hindering that mu​ch needed relationship which thrives on direct human interaction.  Justin and Erik needed a solution. With thoughtful planning and careful research, FAM-Bridge was born. It took shape during daily coffee meetings in the living room and with some nurturing, matured into the company whose motto is Bridging the gap between families and their loved ones. ​ 

    "Our desire is to aid families in this fast-paced world by keeping them connected through our brand.  We want to help you 'bridge the gap' and we want to help your loved ones stay close to you in a time of their life where they need family the most. FAM-Bridge is here to help." - Erik DuBois Co-Owner