"Bridging the gap between families an d their loved ones"


Frequently asked questions

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    Will my loved one see the same FAMbassador every visit?


    Yes, FAM-Bridge hand selects each of our FAMbassadors to tailor to the specific preferences of you and your loved one. However, there may be instances where a different FAMbassador may need to "fill-in" for specific reasons such as sickness, personal time, etc.
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    Do you provide physical or medical care for the client?


    No, FAM-Bridge does not provide any medical assistance nor any physical assistance such as lifting or walk assistance. FAM-Bridge is here to assist your loved one with staying connected to their family and to keep them socially active.
  3. Q

    Are you exclusive to only nursing homes?


    No, FAM-Bridge has identified that the nursing homes have the greatest need for our services, but we also realize that there are other situations that our services could be a great benefit to families. That is why our Plans are completely customizable to best fit the needs of the family and their loved ones.
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    How will I be billed for services?


    FAM-Bridge charges per visit and will send you a statement either by e-mail or through the postal service on a monthly basis.
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    How is FAM-Bridge different from companion care?


    FAM-Bridge differs from companion care because our goal is to keep families connected with their loved ones. Whereas companion care provides for basic emotional needs of the resident, FAM-Bridge goes a step further and works to keep the resident in contact with family as well as keep the family informed of the overall well-being of their loved one.
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    Do you work with end of life or Hospice?


    Yes, FAM-Bridge does work with end of life and Hospice patients. Our Plans are completely customizable to fit the needs of families and their loved ones.
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    Do you transport resident's to doctor's appointments or to their family's home?


    No, FAM-Bridge does not transport any residents. There are services that provide transportation. FAM-Bridge, does however, run basic errands and deliver gifts from the family such as flowers, chocolates, etc.
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    Why is there a need for FAM-Bridge? Doesn't the nursing home provide the same service?


    FAM-Bridge fills a very large need missing in the lives of residents in the nursing homes. While nursing homes generally have remarkable staffs, they are very much understaffed. Not only are they understaffed, but the nurses and CNA's spend the vast majority of their time tending to physical and medical needs. There is not much time left for mental, emotional, or social attention to the residents. In fact, a resident of a nursing home has an average of 3 hours or less per day of social interaction with staff members of the nursing home. FAM-Bridge believes that we can fill this ever expanding gap by connecting residents with their families and utilizing our FAMbassadors to spend one-on-one time with your loved ones.
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