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The Basic Plan is for those who don't have as much flexibility in their budget, but still want their loved ones to experience a quality visit.
The Preferred Plan is for those who want to stay close to their loved ones and really let them know they care.  This plan allows you to get the most value for your money.
In addition to FAM-Bridge's plans, you can take advantage of our delivery service.  You can stay even closer to your loved one by picking up basic necessities and/or gifts which is especially beneficial for special occasions.

What Your Plan Includes

What Your Plan Includes


Your plan includes 1/2 hour weekly visits - this plan allows for great interaction with your loved one, including video chat and social media interaction (if preferred) and a simple weekly report of their day-to-day living based on your FAMbassadors observations.
Your plan includes an hour weekly visit which allows for more feedback in the report, which includes our video chat and social mediea interacction (if preferred). In addition to the weekly report, this plan includes monthly, quarterly, and yearly trends, charts and graphs.  You would have a more extensive synopsis of your loved one's physical health, hygiene, eating habits, mood/demeanor and environmental welfare.
FAM-Bridge prices begin on a per visit basis. Whether you are on a budget or you want to show your loved one you really care, FAM-Bridge can work with you to make it happen.  Your plan is customizable to best fit the specefic needs of you and your family.